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Vinyl Record Art

Vinyl Record Art


Vinyl records never go out of style at my house. There are so many unique and fun ways to upcyle unwanted records. I love the retro feel of it all. I have the option to print off a customized sticker that will lay perfectly over the original record lable in the center. If this is something you choose, a box will be provided for you to write out what you want your lable to say. Message me if you have any questions! 


*Some products  have multiple options in: Container Type, Volume / Size, Scent,  and Product Type.


*Product prices vary with container volume / size.




If you do not see what you are looking for and want to personalize this Product than you will need to email me or book a phone appointment so I can get personalized product information from you. I will give you a "Confirmation Number" that you will need for online check-out.

Click on the "Personalized" option in the 'Shop Tab' drop down list and enter your confirmation code in the box provided. 

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