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Organic Floral Sage Bundle with large Raw Crystals

Organic Floral Sage Bundle with large Raw Crystals


“Nature understands fire and smoke better than words.” -Alfred Savinelli, Plants of Power 


This beautiful organic sage smudging bundle is wrapped with organic dried flowers and herbs that work together to bring a positive cleansing energy to your space. Each flower and herb have their own magical and spiritual property making them powerfully unique. The floral sage bundle is perfect for preparing a space to meditate or spell cast with intentions of positivity, love, clarity, feminine empowerment, and joy.


My Floral Sage Bundle comes with a large beautiful raw crystal that is secured to the bottom of the Smude Bundle. Crystals and Gems are thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Historically speaking, crystals are touted as ancient forms of medicine, with philosophies borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism. The Smudge Bundle Crystals are chosen at random. Use the text box to request any specific crystals. If one of the crystals you request is available, it will be added to the Sage Smudge Stick. I will include an information card about the crystal included with your sage bundle. 

** Floral Sage Bundle Ingredients **


Wild violets are one of the most used flowers in love spells. When combined with lavender, it is said to be a very strong love combination. Violets are also used for dreaming of your true love, wish magic, and beauty enhancement spells. One of the most used properties of violets is beauty and love. From Greek and Roman, all the way to Christianity, violets have symbolized the most feminine of magics.


Lavender has many magical uses, including cleansing, psychic protection, increasing clairvoyance, creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification, and tranquility.


This herb is a powerful cleanser for your home and your own aura. It’s associated with fire, the sun, and masculine energy. It’s believed to provide mental clarity, enhance memory, protect from negative energy, and open your heart.


Rose is associated with the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite and the archetype of Venus. In Egyptian tradition, the rose is also associated with Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, love, and wisdom. It’s a powerful tonic for your heart chakra, helping to open you up to both giving and receiving unconditional love. It helps you attract the love you desire, connect with the goddesses above, and make your own magic even more powerful. Rose is even said by some to attract fairies.


Who doesn’t love sunflowers? Their vibrant, healing energy makes you happy just from looking at them. Sunflowers are associated with the astrological sign Leo and the element, of course, of fire. Energetically speaking, sunflower can be used to transform negative energy, inspire prophetic or lucid dreams, attract abundance and fertility, protect from negative energy, and call in relaxed, comfortable happiness like a warm sunny day.

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