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Air Freshing Scented Sachets

Air Freshing Scented Sachets


These Natural Odor Absorbing Satchels are perfect for freshening up any small space. Organic essential oils, Epsom salt, and dried herbs are mixed in with dried rice to create these scented sachets. The Epsom salt and Rice acts almost as a dehumidifier, reducing the amount of moistness in the atmosphere while absorbing odors and freshening the air. The herbs, flowers, and oils offer a light fragrance. 


Place it with other natural-looking decors on a tray in a bathroom or guest room. Stash it in a drawer for delicately scented clothes. Store it in a linen closet for fresh sheets and towels. Keep it in the car to hang on your rearview mirror. Hide it away in a gym bag to quell any odors. Throw it in your suitcase for clean-smelling clothes while you’re on the go. Stuff it in smelly shoes to give them a refresh. Place it in your pillowcase to surround yourself with calming aromas as you drift off to sleep.


One pouch includes 2 individual scented Satchels

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