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Mensural Relief - Herbal Tea

Mensural Relief - Herbal Tea


Herbal teas are a great natural remedy for menstrual cramps. We tend to get menstrual cramps in the week or two leading up to our period, during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. As we get closer to our period our body starts producing prostaglandins, which are actually inflammatory compounds that work to help the uterus contract to release the uterine lining (our period). Menstrual cramps are often a result of excess prostaglandins in the body. We can also see cramps with an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, typically with elevated estrogen levels or low progesterone levels. Herbal teas can help to counteract the painful cramps we can experience before our period.

*****Each order comes with 6 individual bags of KK's organic Tea Blend*****



Ginger is a great herbal tea for menstrual cramps due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can be an effective PMS relief tea for use as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever with the ability to reduce pain as much as a common NSAID such as ibuprofen. For an effective amount, drink about 4 cups a day. Ginger reduces the production of prostaglandins, which in return reduce common symptoms associated with PMS such as cramps, mood swings, and headaches.



Lemon balm tea is another herbal tea for menstrual cramps that can help to reduce period pain. Studies suggest that lemon balm is a source of antioxidants that can help to lower oxidative stress and inflammation and may also have antispasmodic effects. A study looking at the effects of lemon balm on period pain found that it decreases the severity of menstrual symptoms.



Fenugreek is an herbal tea for menstrual cramps that can help reduce symptoms. Studies show that fenugreek may help painful periods (or dysmenorrhea). Fenugreek seed contains phytoestrogens, which help balance estrogen, making it an excellent herb to balance female hormones.



Fennel can help to reduce period pain and cramping. A study that looked at the effects of fennel and pain intensity during menstruation found that fennel is an effective herb to help with period pain. Study participants took a 30 mg capsule of fennel extract four times a day for three days of the start of their period. Those who took the fennel extract had a significant reduction in period pain symptoms compared to the control group. This makes fennel a great herbal tea for menstrual cramps.



Peppermint is another great herbal tea for menstrual cramps due to its muscle relaxant effects. A study looking at the effect of peppermint on period pain found that it helped to reduce the severity of pain and improve menstrual-related symptoms. The study concludes that peppermint is advised for treating dysmenorrhea (period pain) and has lower side effects compared to medicinal drugs.



Dandelion root is another great herbal tea to help prevent menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps can be worse if there are imbalances in estrogen and progesterone in the body. Dandelion root is high in plant estrogens and plays a role in the detoxification of the body, which plays a crucial role in detoxifying and clearing excess hormones in the body. This herb may help to prevent constipation, which is an important step in clearing excess estrogen from the body to support overall hormone balance.


Raspberry leaf is the leaf of the raspberry plant. This tea leaf has been consumed for centuries to naturally support healthy menstruation, tone the uterus and may be used for menstrual cramps. Drinking raspberry leaf tea before or during your menstrual cycle may help lessen or reduce cramps.


Dried Strawberries

 strawberries are very nutritious and contain lots of vitamin C, potassium, and calcium. Strawberries are believed to help with fevers, infections, fainting, and depression. They are an antioxidant and can help the liver as well as help alleviate digestive problems.

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