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Bottle Torches - Organic Fuel - Mosquito Repelling Blend

Bottle Torches - Organic Fuel - Mosquito Repelling Blend


Each bottle is filled with an organic Olive Oil or Organic Coconut Oil. Both oils burn the same. I find it more astetically pleasing to use the olive oil in wiskey bottles and coconut oil in the decorative glass bottles. You have the option to choose the oil you want.


Organic essential oils are added in to create a mosquito repelling scent, Including:

Citronella-Eucalypus-Cedarwood-Lemongrass-Rosemarry-Lavender-Tea Tree


Each wick is hand braided cotton strands that soak for 12 hours in a borax and salt solution  than hung to dry for up to three days. You'll use this Borax solution to treat the base wick material. Treating wicks with Borax can make it burn brighter and longer. Moreover, it can also reduce the amount of ash and smoke produced by the burning process. 



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