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Phoebe is full of artistic muse and when she is not busy with her job, caring for her beautiful children, or spending quality time with her dedicated husband, she puts her free time into creating awesome and adorable crafts that are one of a kind and fully customizable! These crafts are handmade by Phoebe alone.


Buying one of Phoebeś crafts not only helps support her and her family but helps to encourage her in continuing to make these awesome crafts that bring her much joy. 

You can customize the items she makes however you wish. Change the colors, designs, Size, add letters, etc. Some customizing requests may not be an option in specifically designed paintings.


You can type in your customized requests in the provided ¨text box¨ or message me personally to put in your requests.

You can email me at or message me through the chat feature on my webpage.


**** The photo in this post can be purchased ¨as is¨ with the understanding that with most handmade item copies will differ in pattern, line, and colors from the original picture painting. ****

No tenemos productos para mostrar en este momento.

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