I have a large selection of fun activities available to be set up at your next event!

Choose the activities you want at your event and I will set it up. I also have a large canopy, Folding tables and chairs available. If you request one or both bounce castles, I will require an outlet to plug into.

I also host parties at my place. I have lots of space filled with endless ways to have fun. Check out the photo albums below for a view of my home and what all I have to offer. I have a play ground with two forts, slides, swings, rock wall, large sand box and swinging ladder. There is a netted trampoline, multiple power wheels, Pool Table, Foosball Table, Lego Table and more! 

The inside of my home is Colorful and built for my kids. Doors, Cabinets and appliances are child locked and edges of tables are padded. Every room has book nooks, games and fun seating.

Everything is disinfected prior to set up and again during your scheduled event. I will offer to spray the items with a product called "MICROBAN". This is a brand of disinfectant that claims to continue killing germs hours after application.

Contact me for more information or to book your next party

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KK's LASER TAG house party is July 17th!

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I will also provide "Sanitation Station" baskets for your event. Each basket will include:
* Hand Sanitizer (alcohol & alcohol free)
* Individual Sanitizing Hand Wipes
* Individual Disposable Face Masks for Kids & Adults
* Individual Sanitizing Wipes for phones

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