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KK's Childcare

Affordable, flexible and reliable childcare in a fun, safe stimulating environment.


As a mother of three children, I am understanding of a need to provide the absolute best for our children all while keeping the bills paid, getting to work on time, house chores in check and smiles on the faces of the kids. Even before the covid pandemic, affordable childcare that you trusted the safety and wellbeing of your children could seem out of reach or a stressful issue to deal with. We, as parents, just want to provide all we can and everything our kids need. With summer break, childcare is even more sought out but still just as costly. I am here to help!

I have three kids ages three, seven and twelve. Fun and all equally challenging ages but with every kid and each year that passes I learn so much about the needs of children and how every child’s needs are not always the same despite ages being the same. For over 14 years I have been providing childcare for newborns and children as old as 15 years old. I have much experience with children having individual special needs as well.

As you can see in my slideshow photo gallery located at the bottom of my “Kid’s Corner” webpage, my home is not only loaded with fun things to do but is child safe in many ways. This is a smoke free home and only a rabbit is kept inside on the main level at night (for those wondering about pet allergy safe environment) Cabinets, appliances, doors and drawers are secured with child locks or door handle covers. Outlets are covered and loose wires are secured where needed. Baby gates block off stairs and rooms when or where needed. I have also wrapped edges of the furniture with soft padding.

FOR THE PARENTS WONDERING ABOUT COVID SAFETY! I require parents to wear masks inside my home when other children are present. If possible, drop off and check in should be kept at the front room or porch areas. Children will require a temperature check when they arrive and if visible signs of sickness are present, I will be unable to take in the child for that day. I post fun colorful signs in and around my home displaying hand washing reminders, proper ways to sneeze or cough and how to use hand sanitizer or masks. Baskets with hand sanitizer bottles, wipes and masks are in every room of my home along with outside locations.

I am available to watch children of all ages Monday through Friday with flexible hours. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and drinks (milk, juice and water) are all available to the children. Any allergies will be fully noted for each child. Parents can request text and photo updates of their children’s activities. Photo updates will NEVER include other parent’s children unless permitted. Privacy is party of safety. I encourage parents to join my “MEET AND GREET” play dates. This way we are reassured of the safety and happiness of our children. I keep no more than five children in my home at a time depending on ages and needs of all children. As a mother, I understand life can throw you curve balls. If you are running late on a pickup time or have a weekend childcare need,



I am fully willing to work with you. if you have done your research, you know that babysitters on their own can cost as little as $11 an hour per child and as much as $16 an hour. I have three kids and could never afford that and I know most parents given these hard times, can not pay that either. If you receive a weekly paycheck and are willing to disclose this stub to me, I promise to only charge you what you can afford. I will not give a set price online because no two parents situations are ever the same. If you feel that someone paying less than you are for my childcare is wrong, I'm not the daycare for you. Equality is not about money, it's fair treatment. So, on that note,  Price is privately discussed and kept private. I will never disclose one family's payments to another. you will only pay for the days you need childcare. I request payments in full at the beginning of each week or you can choose to pay for each individual day of care at the time of drop off. For parents willing to disclose proof of employment paystubs, you can pay on the days you receive your checks.  I'm here to help parents but also ensure I get paid as well. If you pay for a full week on Monday but end up only needing less than what was paid for, a full refund will gladly be offered for each day your child did not show up. 

I look forward to meeting you and your child for a meet, greet and tour. Have an amazing day and stay safe!

Kayla Koval

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