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Aquí, en Happy Home Remedies de KK, me esfuerzo por hacer un producto que se adapte perfectamente a sus necesidades. Cada producto incluirá hierbas cultivadas localmente, aceites puros naturales y plantas orgánicas secas y embotelladas.

Después de siete años de practicar el arte de los remedios herbales, me complace ofrecer una amplia variedad de opciones de productos.

Desde productos de belleza hasta bienestar animal, productos de limpieza y todo lo demás, déjame ayudarte a conseguir exactamente lo que necesitas.

Professional Disclaimer Advisement available in the info section of all my organic and vegan products being sold online.
You can also read about the ingredients used in my products by visiting the "Ingredients" tab

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Looking for affordable organic and vegan products for your home, family and pets? Head on over to KKś "SHOP" tab located in the menu or click the button below to start shopping.

All of my products are made with 100% Natural and Certified Organic ingredients. I'm proud to say I have over eight years of learned knowledge on a wide variety of plants and their individually unique healing qualities. I offer a large selection of organic and vegan products that are fully customizable! This ensures you get the product you want with the ingredients your body needs. Browse my many herbal products; Beauty, Animal Wellness, Home Cleaning, Child Friendly, Ailments of the Body, Infused Oils, Herbal Soaps, and so much more! You can shop from more than just organic herbal products. Check out KKś Handmade Tie-Dye, Jewelry, Shoulder Bags, Handmade Candles, and other stellar items.

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Check out my personal selection of carrier oils, Essential Oils, dried herbs, and flowers that I keep on my shelf! I am always adding new organic ingredients to my list and I will update accordingly. If you do not see what you are looking for or you have any questions, please message me and I will be glad to help.


Each oil and herb have special healing qualities that can be obtained through topical application, oral ingestion, or aromatherapy. These ingredients can be combined to create unique healing properties that are especially suited to your individual needs. Whether it is Infused Oils, Tinctures, Teas, Bath Salts, body creams, balms, salves, or really anything you want..... you can count on nature to provide!

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Now offering E - Gift cards!

KK's gift cards are perfect for any occasion of giving. Choose the amount you would like to apply to your E - Gift card and send it directly to your friends or family via email or text. KK's gift cards are for online use only. 

I personally research, make and test my products. I strive to create the best organics for all your needs at affordable prices. My entire online webpage, product labels, flyers, products, ingredients, research, and advertising is done solely on my own personal time with my own out of pocket money. Please help me continue my dream of success in this business by spreading the word! If you loved your free samples, show your appreciation by becoming a member to my online webpage or leave a donation.

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